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Recognized for his producing skills in creating memorable campaigns and stories that create a response, Paton is informative, and dynamic in the play of the potential of the latest technologies, be it worldwide cross media architecture for Heineken or a simmering multifaceted story for Netflix.


Stories for a more demanding fluid generation, about lightness, smart combinations, win-win materials, tension stress and minimal energy, radiolarians, plastic soufflé, frozen fabrics, bridging the gap. As imagined lives, as entertainment, as soap bubbles, as an emotion or memory, as something worn, as fiction, as illusion, as 1000 unopened love letters, as not thinking it will rain.


Proficient in writing, architecture, management and design with a typical project blending all seasoned with a soupçon of whimsy in getting it done right.


It is about reinvention, and the winds suggest brand is king and content is queen. An expert at cutting through the "same-old" noise, finding fresh new ways to get people involved and excited. 

Directed campaigns for a diverse range of clients from Miami to Stockholm to Chicago to Seoul, creating

campaigns and moments for Air Canada, Adidas, Aerius Medical, American Express, AMX Sweden, AT&T, Avmed Pharmaceutical, Bank of Canada, Barclays Bank, Blaupunkt, British Telecom, British Petroleum, Carefree Arizona, Carlsberg, Coors Light, Detroit Brand Evolution, Deutsch Bundespost, Du Maurer, General Motors, Goldengates Casino Colorado, Greektown Casino Detroit, Hite Beer Korea, Interim Miami, Katherine Hamnett, Kellogg’s, Labatt Beer, La Ronde / Six Flags, Luzianne New Orleans, Molson, Mazda, McEwans Beer, Memphis Goldstrike Casino, Micrrosoft, Molson Beer, Montelago Casino Las Vegas, Palms Casino Las Vegas, Panasonic, Panoxyl, Pirelli, Reebok, Renault, Shanghai 2010, Sony, Suntory, Taky, Visa, Volvo, Yamaha Corperation, Yunan International Techno Park, and on....










Future City", Sony / Japanese Ministry of Culture / NHK Tokyo. Conceived, produced, and introducing TED and Saul Wurman



Napoleon Street

Comic Con Austin 


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October 2013

Charlie a bounty hunter with a 35' foot tape worm that is slowly destroying his tongue. Cast away at the back of a double decker bus he is hired to kill Ray, a C&W singer impersonation Johnny Cash. Instead he meets a woman who looks like Satan an discovers an Angel, his identical double in female form who teaches him there are after all better things of life than civilization.

April 2018

She knew how to move a bishop across a chessboard. If she abandoned the project she would be a woman without dreams. And these dreams are yours as well. The only distinction between her and us is that she can articulate them. And we have to otherwise we would be cows in a field.

400 BOYS
March 2019

Dangerous days. Yesterday.

Lan Tao Island is a peculiar place.

As 400 played, 4 million watched in the stand off last night between a pretty woman who has everything and a very young girl who has nothing,in a daring plot of good becoming evil.

Killingly different in a tale of the confrontation between two women perhaps suggesting we are all fools of time, of fortune, and of ourselves, wherein we discover the greatest act of goodness ever contemplated.

August 2016


In Beijing a woman called Mabel Stark has for more than a decade been helping wronged wives track down and punish mistresses and has become popularly known as the mistress killer. Her services include sheltering women thrown out by their husbands nut her speciality is confronting and beating up the mistresses.

September 2017

I am in a telephone box. I can make as many calls as I like. Sometimes the call is brief as if someone has hung up on me, so,times it goes on for a while as if somebody is listening. Napoleon Street - a place to place unseemly calls. Calls about debts, bets, sex, a pregnancy, roaches or rats.

January 2005

Every month, 456 million people  visit some tentacle of to plan or assess a trip. For virtually every place, there exists a corresponding page. The Rajneeshee Osho International Meditation Resort in Pune, India, has 140 reviews and a 4 out of 5 rating, Cobham Service Station on the M25 has 451 reviews and a rating of 3.5, while Wes Anderson’s fictional Grand Budapest Hotel currently has 358 reviews and a rating of 4.5. (At the top of the page, there is a message from TripAdvisor: “This is a fictional place, as seen in the movie The Grand Budapest Hotel. Please do not try to book a visit here.”)

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